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Our team



Petr Sramek, MBA

Petr has been a serial tech entrepreneur for more than 33 years. He is building science, funding, and business infrastructure to support faster adoption of health-span improving technologies. He is a founder of, former Entrepreneur in Residence at Singularity University, co-founder of the, board member at Celeris Therapeutics (US), Animal Biosciences (US), AgeCurve (UK), iamYiam (UK). He helps innovative teams in the Longevity sector grow into confident companies with global ambitions. He advises companies as a mentor at Foresight Institute and On Deck Longevity Biotech.


Frantisek Zamola, MD

Frantisek has 30 years of experience in elite sports, especially in fitness and bodybuilding. He’s a specialist in athlete supplementation, a certified consultant, and an outpatient clinic head in nutrition genetics, pharmacogenetics, sports, and lifestyle genetics. He worked for several international pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo, Yamanouchi, Krewel Meuselbach) and Genetic Laboratories (Vemodia, KitGen), cooperating with several renowned European and US companies focused on DNA analysis and telomere biology (DNA Plus, Novogenia, Life Length, T.A. Science). Physician of the Center for Medical Provision of Sports Representation in ÚVN Prague.


Dr. Jyothi Devakumar

Jyothi is a scientist, entrepreneur and a lifelong longevity enthusiast. She holds a PhD in biotechnology and her postdoctoral work was in in-vivo delivery systems. She has worked in various sectors of the industry including working as a part of a contract research organization liaising with several ivy league pharma companies in the drug discovery space, as scientific founder and CSO of two startups, and as a consultant in the regenerative medicine and longevity space. In the investing space, she has been a venture consultant,  part of a mid-sized venture fund as the Principal Biologist and Partner. She is currently associated with the Longevity Tech Fund group of companies as the Chief Science office and Partner. She has served on several scientific advisory boards and editorial boards, and she brings in scientific expertise, business strategy and management experience with a multicultural multi-country background.


Ann Stoeppelwerth

Ann has over 35 years of healthcare experience with a proven record of success in high growth organizations. She is an innovative product leader committed to transforming health to achieve the quadruple aim and passionate about improving the overall patient experience. Most recently, Ann led the development of a collaborative care population health management program designed to identify at risk patients through data analytics and provide clinical interventions to improve health. Previously, she served as the Chief Operating Officer for an employer based primary care organization with over 100 clinics across the United States. She has work for several insurance companies including Aetna in leadership roles. Ann has a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado.

Director - Tissue and Cell Regeneration Excellence Center

Dr. Miguel G. Garber

Dr. Garber has over 37 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, in addition to training, research, and development expertise in Regenerative Medicine. Over the past 17 years, he has made a significant contribution to stem cell research, specializing in the exploration and development of stem cell therapies for cardiac disorders, osteoarthritis, and neurological and autoimmune diseases. Formerly the Director of American Medical Information Group, he now serves as the Medical Director of Regenerative Medicine Madrid and the President of the Spanish Society of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy (SEMERETEC). He also teaches a Master’s degree program in Regenerative Medicine and edits a number of scholarly journals on the subject and director of hyperbaric medicine unit, University Hospital La Zarzuela.

Director of Clinical Programs

Erik Nelson

Erik has been involved with a fast growing start up company called Wild Health since they started in 2019. Since then, he has gained expertise in various aspects of Personalized Genomic Health from diet to exercise, sleep and stress, brain health, vascular health, and longevity-based medicine. During this time, he held various roles that include health coaching, content identification & generation, provider training, and education. Seeing how impactful this medicine is and how few people have access to it, he wants to help. The next phase of his career is entirely devoted to helping clinicians and providers provide quality education to their patients with the end goal of improving health worldwide. His previous work experience includes working at Mayo Clinic in the Neuro ICU, personal training, and social work with at-risk youth. The commonality amongst all of these careers is a passion to help others improve their lives.

Meet our team

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