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Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and optimally performing.

Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and disease-free. Visit our longevity clinic.
Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and disease-free. Visit our longevity clinic.
Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and disease-free. Visit our longevity clinic.
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Unlocking the Secrets to a Healthier Life with Longevity Medicine     O

Cutting edge science to reverse aging

With the help of science, you can improve your biological age by 5 to 15 years and slow down your rate of aging.

Feel and look great

Stay active and enjoy your life into your late years.

Prevent diseases

Avoid age-related diseases, and extend your lifespan and health-span.

Improve performance

Strengthen your body and sharpen your mind to get better results in sport and business.

As a part of the ecosystem companies we partner with

You will feel the results

Lower your biological age

Regularly updated Longevity Roadmap will guide you on how to improve your health and lower your biological age. You will see all important checkpoints and expected interventions.

Longevity Roadmap access

Our mobile app will give you 24/7 access to your current results, next actions, tele medicine access and education.

Next-generation technologies

We use the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatments in longevity medicine. You will experience the highest level of care anti-aging science can offer.

Top experts on longevity

You will be taken care of by an international team of world’s leading experts on longevity with access to 150+ top scientists from our portfolio companies.


The most advanced health improvement programs in the world

We have early access to clinical trials and research studies on longevity. Our programs are firmly grounded in scientifically-proven methods.

Relieving stress

You will lower your cortisol levels and reduce stress.

Ideal body composition

Optimizing your body fat percentage will make you feel and look fantastic.

No more problems with sleep

Get the deep, undisturbed sleep you deserve.

Higher energy levels

You won’t get easily tired anymore.

Better sport results

Increase your stamina and muscle strength to optimize sports or athletic performance.

Lower biological age

You will extend your lifespan and stay healthy into your late years.

Improved memory

Support your brain and cognitive functions.

Enhanced sexual health

Unlock your full sexual potential and increase your satisfaction.

longevity programs

We personalize all longevity programs for your individual needs

We offer five programs, each of them with a focus on a different body system.

Brain Health

Our Brain Health program helps to reduce stress, increase concentration, improve memory, and prevent cognitive diseases.

Heart Health

Our Heart Health program enhances well-being by reducing risk for cardiovascular disease by improving blood flow, boosting exercise tolerance, and optimizing all systems of the cardiovasuclar system. Discover a path to a thriving heart, where vitality and longevity unite.

Cellular Regeneration

Cellular Regeneration program replaces non-functioning cells in the body, which leads to the repair and regeneration of tissues and organs.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Regenerative Aesthetics therapies modulate body systems with different technologies and products, including biological ones. They recover the youthful structure and function of the body.

Immune Health

The Immune Health program is designed by medical professionals to support and improve the overall function of the immune system, and prevent immune-related illness or disease.

Learn what we can do for you

Download a brochure with case studies and detailed program descriptions.

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client experience

Here’s what our clients experienced after visiting our longevity clinic

"I underwent a complete health analysis to learn more about my body. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve higher performance."

Lukas Krpalek

Czech Olympic Champion in Judo

"As a decathlete, I have always believed in versatility, which is why I underwent a comprehensive examination at to develop an optimal program of regeneration and lifestyle management."

Roman Sebrle

"World's Greatest Athlete" - Wall Street Journal

"I would like to thank HLC, especially the experienced František Zámola, for his help in my six-month preparation for the bikini fitness competition. Thank you for regular accurate measurement, professional approach and valuable advice."

Hana Maslikova Reinders

Moderator, Model, Influencer

"I greatly appreciate the connection with the Healthy Longevity Clinic as it allows me to delve deeper into gathering information about my physical condition, obtaining comprehensive genetic data, and conducting blood analyses. These resources enable me to better tailor my training, recovery, nutrition, and supplementation. I highly value their professional and friendly approach, and I believe that our collaboration will yield maximum benefits for the next phase of my career."

Jiri Prochazka

Czech Mixed Martial Artist


longevity professionals design premium anti-aging programs in our clinic


leading scientific institutions help us utilize the latest technologies and improve your health


clients visited our longevity clinic and obtained visible results


Exceptional care in leading edge health centers

Visit the best longevity clinic in Florida and meet the world’s top medical professionals.

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Experience the first longevity clinic in the Czech Republic – located in its heart, Prague.

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