Redefining how we think about the brain

Traditional approaches to brain health aren’t improving health outcomes. We believe it’s our job to change that.

What are the benefits?

If there was a healthcare approach that thoroughly understood how the brain functions and how to keep it healthy throughout the aging process.


If there was a way to reduce risk or avoid cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease?


If there was a way to improve and optimize memory, attention, recall, processing speed, executive function, and overall happiness.

“We have developed a research based and effective program that does exactly this.”


Anticipated program outcomes include

An overall calm and balanced brain state
Improved performance in life, work, and sport
Improved focus, reaction times, executive function, recall
Improved memory & processing speed
Reduced inflammation
Improved blood sugar levels
Normalized vitamin & nutrient status
Balanced hormonal levels
Improved vascular health
Optimized gut-brain connection
Enhanced sleep quality

Our Brain Program consists of the following 4 components

Comprehensive Brain Health Evaluation

Medical history, family history, personal health goals, lifestyle habits, readiness to change, current supplements, current medications.

Baseline Systems Testing

After obtaining baseline information, all testing & treatment interventions will be delivered on a personalized longevity roadmap which includes specific clinical targets and outcomes to achieve in the calendar year.

  • Advanced Brain Health Blood Panel
  • Brain Health Genomics
  • Brain MRI / Volumetric Analysis
  • Microbiome Testing to Optimize Gut-Brain Connection
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Heavy Metals & Toxic Exposure

Restoration & Stabilization

We ensure the foundations of health are thoroughly reviewed and normalized. This includes a detailed focus on the key areas of life such as nutrition, exercise & movement, sleep, stress, environment, and daily habits.

If the baseline testing phase reveals any signs of chronic disease, this will be the primary focus before optimization occurs.


During this phase we aim to optimize all pieces of the baseline testing phase. This includes advanced therapies such as therapeutic plasma exchange, brain health protocols, and precise lifestyle habits that promote a healthy and happy brain that withstands the forces of aging.

Complimentary Discovery Consultation

Discuss your health goals and expectations with a medical professional specializing in longevity.

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