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Get a personalized plan and treatments based on the most advanced diagnostic tools in the longevity medicine. Feel and look amazing.

Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and disease-free. Visit our longevity clinic.
Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and disease-free. Visit our longevity clinic.
Extend the number of healthy years in which your body is functional, strong, flexible, and disease-free. Visit our longevity clinic.
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Unlocking the Secrets to a Healthier Life with Longevity Medicine     O

You will feel the results

We use the latest diagnostic technologies to create personalized health plans that will help you feel better, more vital, and happier.

Lower your biological age

Target biomarkers responsible for aging. Improve your blood flow, eliminate stress, and slow down cellular senescence.

Improve your health

Stay healthy and prevent age-related diseases. Enjoy the later years of life full of energy and disease-free.

Achieve better results

Optimize your performance in business or sport. Improve your brain health and increase stamina and muscle strength.

Longevity Roadmap access

Our mobile app will give you 24/7 access to your current results, next actions, tele medicine access and education.

The process

How this works

Achieve radical improvements in your health through a personalized health plan based on advanced medical diagnostics.

01 / 05

01 • Complimentary Discovery Consultation

During a free 30-minute consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your health, goals, and expectations with an expert from our longevity clinic. Together, you will determine whether the longevity clinic is the ideal solution for you. If it is, the expert will help you fill out a diagnostic questionnaire and schedule your first visit.

30 minutes with a renowned expert on longevity
Quick review of your overall health and goals
Assistance with booking your first appointment
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02 • Initial Longevity Assessment

To determine the most effective steps for you, we will conduct several tests to learn more about your health. Initial longevity assessment includes for example:

Body composition analysis
Cardiopulmonary evaluation
Strength, balance, and flexibility assessment
VO2 Max assessment

You will immediately receive results and next steps recommendations.

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03 • First Medical Visit

You will undergo a series of personalized testing and diagnostics using cutting-edge technologies at the Boca Raton longevity clinic. Our state-of-the-art laboratories will process your results, and our team of world’s leading experts on longevity will analyze them in detail to determine the most effective health improvement strategies for you.

The most advanced diagnostic tools in longevity medicine
Genetics, brain health, body composition testing and more
A team of world’s top experts on longevity
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04 • Personalised Longevity Roadmap

Once the diagnostics are complete, you and your physician will have a detailed conversation about the results. You will receive Longevity Roadmap – personalized plan that includes optimal nutrition, targeted nutraceuticals and advanced supplements, ongoing fitness plans, and specialized treatments and interventions.

Optimal nutrition
Targeted nutraceuticals and advanced supplements
Ongoing fitness plans
Specialized treatments and interventions
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05 • Ongoing Care

Our team of professionals will stay with you throughout the entire program, continually monitor your biomarkers, evaluate your health improvements during periodic checkups, and optimize your plan.

Ongoing support
Plan adjustments
Regular supplement deliveries
Extend your lifespan

Start longevity journey now

With the best longevity clinic in Florida

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Available longevity memberships

We designed an exclusive yearly membership program to support your longevity journey, because you can only achieve significant results by systematic and regular improvements.

What's included?

Essential Longevity

Entry level, baseline testing + basic program testing

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Optimal Longevity

Complete baseline testing + deep-dive into a specific program of choice

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Standard Longevity

Selection of the most important diagnostics in one area.

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What you get

A package of diagnostics designed for results in the area of your choice: Brain Health, Heart Health, or Cellular Regeneration. Includes a selection of the most important tests to assess your health.

Advanced Longevity

All diagnostics in the area of your choice, tailored to your needs.

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What you get

Personalized deep-dive into brain health, heart health, or cellular regeneration. Comprehensive analysis of one of these areas, including all available diagnostics and a 30% discount on all therapies.

Elite Longevity


In-depth testing of all areas related to longevity. Recommended for optimal health.

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What you get

Comprehensive program developed to improve all areas of your health, lower your biological age, and prevent diseases. All diagnostics and therapies are highly personalized, and the plan will be adjusted to meet your individual needs and goals.

What's included?

See what you get in each membership

Membership will ensure that you have access to exclusive benefits and achieve the the best possible solutions at the best price.

Your budget is established based on your physician recommendations, and expected utilization of services. Our membership programs offer total price transparency and your budget will determine your membership program assignment. A typical yearly budget is between $25k - $100k.

Money back guarantee*
You may request a refund for the remaining unused budget at any time
Discount on Itemized Charges
This discount is generally applied to any item provided by our clinic
Mobile app and patient portal
Access to your digital portal and the app
Priority Aaccess to novel diagnostics
New world class diagnostics will be very limited in size - priority access guaranteed
Advanced education resources
Client will get access to the tens of brochures addressing specific health improvements and regular webinars.
Priority Access to Medical Consultations
Member is guaranteed access to Physician consultations for the hours listed per month
2 hours / month
4 hours / month
8 hours / month
Concierge of Top Class Medical Interventions
In case a medical intervention needed, will refer to the best possible service (our services billed on hourly basis).
Participation in longevity clinical trials
Regular invitations for participation on novel diagnostics and therapies
Clinic physician
Dedicated Access to your preferred Physician.
World expert consultation
Access to Renown International Network of Physican Experts
Personal trainer longevity certified
Personal trainer with a special longevtity training aligned with your Longevity Roadmap
Nutritionist hours included
Number of hours of nutritionist consultations included on monthly basis
2 hours / month
4 hours / month
Consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of the international team, Dr. Anna Baroni
Global CMO in medical consultation
Priority access to novel therapies
Guaranteed Priority Access to New world class interventions will be very limited in size
VIP meetings
Invitations to special VIP meetings with our top experts
• Family member: Individual family members may be added to your membership plan at 50% of the membership level per new member.
• You must refill the budget yearly or upon depletion of the budget during the membership period.
– Your billing details are available in the client portal or at our Client Coordinator.
* Money-back guarantee - you may request a refund for the remaining unused budget at any time.
– We will deduct the value of the discounted services consumed from the remainder.

You will feel the change

Relieving stress

You will lower your cortisol levels and reduce stress.

Ideal body composition

Optimizing your body fat percentage will make you feel and look fantastic.

No more problems with sleep

Get the deep, undisturbed sleep you deserve.

Higher energy levels

You won’t get easily tired anymore.

Better sport results

Increase your stamina and muscle strength to optimize sports or athletic performance.

Lower biological age

You will extend your lifespan and stay healthy into your late years.

Improved memory

Support your brain and cognitive functions.

Enhanced sexual health

Unlock your full sexual potential and increase your satisfaction.


Who will guide you on your longevity journey?

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