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Our team

Prague Clinic

František Zámola, MD

František has 30 years of experience in top sports, especially in fitness, bodybuilding and athletics. He is a specialist in supplementation of athletes and general population. He is head of the outpatient clinic of nutritional genetics, pharmacogenetics, sports genetics and lifestyle genetics in Prague. He has worked for international pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo, Yamanouchi, Krewel Meuselbach) and genetic laboratories (Vemodia, KitGen). He collaborates with renowned companies focusing on DNA analysis and telomere biology (DNA Plus, Novogenia, Life Length, T.A. Science). He is a collaborating physician at Medical Support Centre of the Czech Sports Representation. Graduated from Charles University and Military Medical Academy, he completed his medical practice at the Oncology Department of FNHK and at Internal Medicine Department of the Military Hospital in Bratislava. He also studied at FTVS, has a full coaching certification and a course in sports medicine. In addition to Czech and Slovak, he is fluent in Hungarian and speaks English and German. He is a member of the Czech Society of Sport Medicine and A4M in the USA.

Jaroslav Větvička, MD

Sports physician, head of the Centre for Medical Support of the Sports Team at the Central Military Hospital. From 1984 to 1986 he worked at the Department of Clinical Genetics at the Motol University Hospital. After working at the Administration for Physical Education and Sport of the Prime Minister’s Office from 1986 to 1988, he then headed the Research and Service Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry and Physiology at the Institute of Sports Medicine and then the Department of Stress Medicine at the General University Hospital in Prague. He served as Chief Physician and Physician of the Czech Olympic Team at ten Olympic Games from 2000 to 2018. He is a member of the Medical Commission of the COC and the European Olympic Committees. In 2000, he founded and still runs the Centre for Medical Support of Sports Representation and is active there with his own diagnostic and therapeutic activities.

Radovan Hnatič, MD

A physician focused on functional medicine, especially microbiome, gut health and mitochondrial health. He is interested in treating the root cause of a disease, not only the symptoms. During the studies of general medicine at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University he developed interest in preventive medicine, aging, and new or unusual approaches to health and medicine. Moreover, as an amateur strongman, he has experience and passion for nutrition, supplementation, and training methodology, especially in the field of strength sports, bodybuilding and fitness, for over 10 years. He also works as an international medical/clinical/regulatory specialist.

Jan Hlaveš, MD

As a medical doctor, he specializes in preventive medicine, longevity, nutrition and sports. He has years of experience working as a lifestyle coach, certified personal trainer, nutritionist and public speaker. He has been working with professional athletes and with general population on a daily basis. Apart from that, he collaborates with an institution teaching future nutritionists and coaches and gives lectures at big companies and universities. In his coaching and teaching he focuses on 4 basic pillars: Diet and optimization of metabolism, overall health, sports, and mental performance. Working in all those fields taught him to always look at things in a complex way. For him, the interconnectedness between the fields of medicine, nutrition, sports and psychology are the key to maximizing human potential and living a long and healthy life.

Michal Barabas, MD

Studied pharmacology at UCL (University College London) in London, where he then worked for a few years at the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, focusing on the research of new drugs and their transformation in the body. This led him to continue his studies in Translational Medicine at the University of Cambridge, where he subsequently studied General Medicine. After his initial clinical practice in the UK, he returned to Prague where he is currently working as a physician in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine. His long-standing interest in pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine led him to the field of longevity and its application in clinical care.

Andrea Mocková, MD

Graduated from the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague, Czechia, she now devotes herself to the field of dermatology.

Knowledgeable in the field of stem cells’ use, she is focusing on preventive medicine, anti-aging, healthy nutrition and linking the quality of the skin to the general condition of one's body.

Olena Pogrebniak, MD

Therapist, Clinical Dietitian, Certified Nutritionist, Health Food Consultant, doctor USD, PhD (in Ukraine). I have 19 years of practical experience in medicine. I always consider each patient comprehensively, taking into account all his peculiarities of life and illness. I consider regular screening according to age to be the basis for prevention and early detection of the disease in the early stages. And timely prescribed non-drug and drug treatment in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine, I consider the basis of modern medicine. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian aggressors forced me to save my children. Prague welcomed us and I am incredibly happy to work for the Global Company, which cares about the well-being of humanity on a global scale!

Dr. Peter Belej, PhD

Specialist in anaesthesiology, intensive care and infusion therapy. Graduated Charles University and the Military Medical Academy with certification in internal medicine and anaesthesiology and intensive medicine. He worked at the internal medicine clinic of the ÚVN Prague, ÚVN Bratislava and FN Trnava as the head of ICU. In 2003-2005 he worked at the University Clinic in Dresden. From 2006 until now he has been a senior physician at Vinzenzsgruppe Gottlicher Heiland in Vienna. In 2008 he received his PhD from the University of Bratislava. He is a member of the Czech, Slovak, Austrian and German medical chambers. He has long been interested in improving the quality of active life and preventive medicine.

Štěpán Tkadlec

An enthusiastic scientist specialising in Health, Disease, Nutrition Physiology and Sports, who completed his bachelor degree in Sport Sciences and master degree in Exercise and Nutrition at the University of Loughborough. Throughout his stay in the UK he also worked as a sport scientist in elite sport and as a research assistant specialising in clinical trials, specifically in geroscience, human metabolism and health prevention. Furthermore, he is experienced in health analytics and wearables, health diagnostics and statistics, and kinanthropometry. His passion for health, performance, and preventative care led him to the field of longevity.

Andrea Volfová

Andrea graduated from University of Health and Social Work of St. Elizabeth in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is a specialized nurse, who has over 15 years experience in IK+EM hospital (ICU, cardiology, coronary care unit) in Prague, Czechia. She is also a certified lifeguard and mountain rescue. Communication is her strong skill and that is why she loves interacting with patients and her colleagues. Her interest in healthy lifestyle, nutrition and sports led her to the longevity field.

Mgr. Lívia Rychtaříková

High commitment, an ability to face tough challenges and find most effective solutions, are skills that she has relied on already in her previous jobs as sales and marketing manager. Graduate in Silesian University in Opava, she studied also in Humbolt University in Berlin and Technic University in Dresden. Fluent in English, German, Czech, Slovak, she speaks as well Polish, Spanish, Italian and Russian. She loves developing client relations, finding and understanding their needs. Passionate about health, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and sports. Her long experience in sales, management and marketing in dermatology and plastic surgery led her to the longevity field.

Veronika Knobová, M.A.

International business development professional with strong capabilities in designing successful growth strategies, based on in-depth understanding of company goals and application of business ethics and sustainability principles. Passionate about creating synergies and implementing strategic partnerships. 
Graduate from Université Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle and Charles University in Prague, she managed projects in companies based in France, Monaco, Czechia, Singapore, USA, and Switzerland. Fluent in English, French, Czech, Spanish and Italian, she has an international mindset and proven strengths in leading diverse, multicultural teams.
 Interested in wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and longevity medicine, she is cooperating with government institutions, and negotiating collaborations with partners.

Kateřina Sedláčková

Her warm smile will be the first thing that you will encounter at our clinic. Her strengths include empathy, anticipation, organizational skills, a responsible approach, care and attention to detail. She has more than ten years of experience in a French multinational company in the field of pharmaceuticals and dermocosmetics. Graduated from the Tomáš Bata Business Academy in Zlín, she has lived several years in France. She speaks fluent French, Czech and has a good understanding of English. Her passion is modern dance, dance aerobics and other cardio sports. A very communicative personality, who likes contact with people and is interested in a healthy lifestyle, which brought her to the

Meet our team

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