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Our team

Advisory Board

Dr. Desiree Cox

She is a Rhodes Scholar, Medical Doctor, Regenerative Medicine Thought Leader and Regenerative Artist. She is a polymath uniquely multi-gifted, successful woman not only in her chosen academic field but as a creative talent, innovator and entrepreneur/founder. Her career 20+ year career in healthcare spans clinical medicine, academic and healthcare consulting in the commercial aspects of medicine in the UK, North America and the Caribbean. More recently, she has been spearheading the development of the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine industry in The Bahamas, and is championing the implementation of exponential technology in The Bahamas, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Dr. Ana Baroni MD. Ph.D.

Dr. Baroni has over 20 years of consultancy experience in longevity, regenerative and precision medicine. She has a multifaceted understanding of genomics, molecular biology, clinical biochemistry, nutrition, aging markers, hormones and physical training. This background allows her to bridge the gap between longevity basic sciences and evidence-based real interventions, putting them into the clinic, to enhance the healthy aging of people. She is co-founder of Board member at Breath of Health, BioOx and American Board of Clinical Nutrition. She is Director of International Medical Education of the American College of Integrative Medicine, Professor in IL3 Master of Longevity at Barcelona University and Professor of Nutrigenomics in Nutrition Grade in UNIR University.

doc. Ing. Aleš Horna, CSc.

Founder and director of the Institute of Nutrition and Diagnostics. Since 2008 he has been an associate professor at UTB in Zlín. He has 75 WOS articles with over a thousand of citations. He has also contributed to several patents and two monographs. Since 2001, he has organized an annual international conference on the relationship between nutrition and health called the International Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference. He has been involved as a researcher in more than 20 publicly funded research projects. He has been nominated for the Minister of Health Award for Health Research and Development.

Dr. Christopher Juel Jensen

Dr. Jensen has a keen special interest in the practice of personalized medicine and its integration with complementary and holistic wellness and proper physician led exercise and nutrition programs. This also includes cosmetic medicine and surgery and the use of adipose derived stem cells in both cosmetic and wound healing procedures. Dr. Jensen was the Chief Medical Officer of Metamed, a personalized medicine thinktank funded by the Founders of PayPal, Peter Thiel, and Skype, Jaan Tallinn. He was the Strategy and Investment Director for GOCO Hospitality, and continues as clinical advisor to Horwath Health and Wellness globally and on GOCO’s advisory board. Dr. Jensen is a prolific public speaker and has spoken at multiple conferences nationally and internationally, including at the National Conference for the BMA.

Dr. Kevin Perrott

Kevin Perrott obtained a PhD studying anti-senescent compounds in the Campisi Lab at the Buck Institute during which time he cofounded Oisin Biotechnologies, a company using genetic programming to kill senescent cells. He was a Director and COO of the Methuselah Foundation, Executive Director of the multimillion-dollar Methuselah Mouse Prize, and cofounder of SENS Research Foundation. In addition to his efforts in the non- and for-profit sectors, he cofounded and is President of the Global Healthspan Institute a government lobby organization. After almost two decades of engagement in the longevity space, he noted that consumers of health technologies have little influence on their development and so created OpenCures to harness the self-interest of individuals to minimize the time to the arrival of interventions in aging.

Meet our team

Visit the first clinic of the global network located in Prague, Czechia.