Performance & Health Assessment and Improvement Longevity Program

Let's look inside

We first perform extensive testing and diagnostics to identify your unique health status and dispositions to define areas for improvement. We then develop an action-oriented approach to address the underlying issues that may be causing low energy, poor focus, inability to lose weight, or to sleep.
At, we understand the reasons why people age. We test these areas, then improve each one. To do this, we use a systems-based approach to understand the foundation and individuality of each person. We run various tests that inspect the entire body such as genetics, whole-body MRI, advanced bloodwork, body composition, and more.

How this works


Free Consultation
If you are satisfied, we will guide you through the process of enabling your access to our patient system where you will fill out a diagnostic questionnaire and book your first visit.


First Medical Visit
Your first consultation will determine a series of personalized testing and diagnostic examinations.

Phlebotomists will collect blood, urine and saliva/dna samples for extensive detection of thousands of different biomarkers. You can be asked to deliver a stool sample for microbiome evaluation.

Our physician assistant will help you with physical diagnostics of body composition, cardiovascular examination, pulmonary function, and skin evaluation.


Labs and Diagnostics
Specialized laboratories will process your results which all come into our advanced diagnostic software platform.

Our physicians will conduct a detailed analysis to find the most effective health improvement strategies for you.


Second Visit and Your Personalized
Longevity Roadmap
Once the diagnostics are complete, you and your physician will have a detailed conversation regarding the results. This conversation addresses your lab work, and in-center assessments in addition to your lifestyle and optimal health objectives.

Your visit is concluded with a Personalized Longevity Roadmap, physician-designed plan that includes optimal nutrition, targeted nutraceuticals and advanced supplements, ongoing fitness plans, and especially specialized treatments and interventions.

Your plan and results are uploaded into the client portal available on your phone.


When You Get Home
Your experience does not end at your center visit. Our Health Team will be coaching you throughout your program – making adjustments based on your ongoing blood results, navigating you through challenges, and supporting your optimal health transformation.

Pharmacy and supplementation are prescribed in-center and delivered remotely to your home every quarter or month. In addition, regular biomarker collections and personal data tracking offer insights into quality of life improvements, and a wide range of indirect values correlated to the program. If there are changes or recommendations, your physician will adjust your program to be sure you stay on track.

Bi-annual in-center examinations objectively measure your physical changes and improvements achieved throughout the year.
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