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You will feel it.

Reduced stress. Better sleep.
Strong mind and concentration.
Improved physical performance.

Roman Šebrle

„As a decathlete, I have always believed in versatility, which is why I underwent a comprehensive examination at to develop an optimal program of regeneration and lifestyle management.”

"World's Greatest Athlete" - Wall Street Journal

Lukáš Krpálek

"I underwent a complete health analysis to learn more about my body. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve higher performance."

- Czech Olympic Champion in judo

Hana Mašlíková Reinders

"I would like to thank HLC, especially the experienced František Zámola, for his help in my six-month preparation for the bikini fitness competition. Thank you for regular accurate measurement, professional approach and valuable advice."

- moderator, model, influencer

Who we are connects cutting edge science with your health to achieve radical improvements and measurable extension of your active and healthy life.

In close cooperation with leading scientific institutions and longevity companies we designed the most advanced health improvement programs in the world.

How we help?

We integrate advanced diagnostics and tracking with advanced interventions to provide personalized programs to achieve measurable improvements.

Our Program will guide you through several steps towards improvement of your health and vitality in a convenient and effective way.

Our programs often deliver these
healthy benefits:

Decreased rate of your aging and often a reduction of your biological age.
Maximized Energy
Optimized Body Composition and Weight
Enhanced Sexual Health
Sharpened Cognition
and Clarity
Improved Sleep
Reduced Stress
Sharepened Cognition
and Clarity
Improved Sleep
Reduced Stress

How this works

Setting YOUR health baseline and addressing potential health issues.
Setting up the strategy to improve your health and aging.
Applying advanced therapies to further reduce your speed of aging.

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Longevity Program Overview

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Meet our team

Visit the first clinic of the global network located in Prague, Czechia.